gwekwe` (Hello)

I am Candice Ruhl, a proud member of the Ojibwe tribe located at Saugeen First Nation #29 in Ontario Canada on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.

When I set out to create a line of jewelry, it was important to me that everything I designed, created, and crafted, was done with honor, integrity, and respect for First Nations and My Native Culture.

My line of Totems are made to last a lifetime. With so much native history, art, and stories lost to time, I wanted to create something that will be your family’s next heirloom and that will last generations to come.

Traditional Totem poles were made with red cedar. You can read about complete works of art, stories, and histories of totem poles lost to time, simply because of the material used.

The line of Totems is ever-expanding and often features limited-time exclusive pieces that will commemorate a specific event or time.

Each piece is solid and is of significant weight. They were designed this way not only to ensure they endure the test of time and last for generations but, to offer a more upscale and luxurious feel.

Native stories and traditions were spoken and not written and thus lost. It is my hope that by introducing the world to my line of jewelry a small part of my heritage will not be lost. To honor the history and culture of Native America as well as  Canada’s indigenous people you will see many Native languages used on this website

Inspiration I knew that I wanted to create a symbol that would give Native American’s and especially young Native American children something to be proud of, something that would inspire them.

Silversmith As a silversmith of 15 years, I have had several successes, in my jewelry career. I have displayed my jewelry in art Galleries in Ontario and BC,

Totem A totem is any animal, natural object, or being to whose spirit and energy we feel closely associated with during our life.

Totem animals can be used to motivate and inspire,

Used to express your passion and love,

build own identity, build a family crest

Every animal has a story to tell, these animals show us the potential we can be